Bakkara Village, the land of Sisingamangaraja

Bakkara Village, Lake Toba ~ North Sumatra



BAKKARA is a small village in North Sumatra, Indonesia is the place of BIRTH the KING SISINGAMANGARAJA, he came from BATAK ethnic as one of INDONESIA national hero in the 2nd worldwar.

Many already know, even many of the world knew his name. Sisingamangaraja, King of the Batak. He put in laws, customs, arrangement with the concept that enhanced anesthetic. He uphold human rights, freeing people from the stocks, giving a pardon to those who repent of error.

Born in Spear-Sulu Sulu Bakkara. A beautiful place, a valley on the banks of Lake Toba is crossed by rivers and Aek Aek Simangira Cross meeting in Lobu Onan. The first royal palace was built around Onan Lobu. There is still found signs of history and Hariara Parjuragatan Stone Hundulan. Then the Palace was built over the upstream later called Lumbanraja.

Lumbanraja had become one of the village, but now it dirobah village name became Village Simamora. Gone historical aspect that there was once a village called King Sisingamangaraja Lumbanraja. Efforts to eliminate any Sisingamangaraja royal legend continues. Palace complex and diserobot by residents reluctant to leave. Award for the sanctity of the palace was also removed. Not only by local residents, the family unit was difficult Sinsingamangaraja derivative combined. Often different opinion.

The government tried to build the palace. Master Plan was drawn up. Families and communities who still appreciate and respect Sisingamangaraja also been agreed. Tata empire karma must be met. But what happens, the building was built so long as the government. Within one year there is a collapse, some of which threatened the rest of collapse. Rehabilitation funds were pursued, the results still do not meet the sacred quality of the building is expected during the preparation of the master plan. Why?
Derivative Siraja Oloan first showed the power of the court to deny the sacred complex. They built a monument of Oloan Siraja before “Sogit” which should be free Sisingamangaraja lead sunrise.

In the former Sisingamangaraja sogit pray to Mulajadi Nabolon. There’s bird emblem “Patiaraja” on it.

With the monument in front of him like Siraja Oloan “sibongbong ari” blocking the sun sogit welcome.

Siraja Oloan is included Sinambela family clan. Sinambela is a family surname Bona Ni termasuh Onan. Bona Ni Onan is a lower “external” Manghuntal King, King Sisingamangaraja I and, respectively to 12 dynasties. If the nearest thicket “hasuhuton” royal functionary Sisingamangaraja disregard the sanctity of worship and the King’s palace complex Sisingamangaraja, then who else?

Bakkara, seems not to give space to the preservation of historical value Sisingamangaraja. But respect for the people outside Batak Siraja Oloan and outside Bakkara to Sisingamangaraja, will still be there.

When the transfer of the bones of Tarutung Sisingamangaraja XII for example, Balige very response and provide Soposurung location. When monument Lopian heroine, the daughter Sisingamangaraja XII will be built, the community and provide a response Porsea location in front of Head Office Porsea. Although finally known, some families do not agree it Sisingamangaraja Lopian statue placed in Porsea.

Lumbanraja village has a village dirobah Simamora. Palace complex becomes a conservation project orientation juntrungannya unclear. Residents and descendants are still reluctant Sisinganamngaraja adjust to the system of existing space. New buildings appeared without the knowledge of the family. New grave in front of the new building disesakkan court facilities. Worse, the sense of the word “rundut” like “jambulan ni parsigira”.

Bakkara currently there is no remaining shred leaves the wisdom of history indicates there used to be darisana Sakti which King is Sisingamangaraja Sohor. There are only dirt and stone, and marked, here and there. Residents do not have more value history, tradition and royal etiquette.

No wonder, when the hobo “wonder” why the palace complex was left as musical arena project and personal claims?

Sisingamangaraja XII already know the end of former struggle. Before doing guerrilla into the wilderness, was given the mandate to Sionom Ompu (adat six of the six clans in Bakkara) with care goods royal heritage. Themselves and their families should be King Sisingamangaraja be “stakeholders” Sisingamangaraja tradition. What Sionom Ompu reaction? Of course, the family unit must be seen Sisingamangaraja king. Direction and purpose to the restoration carried Sisingamangaraja Palace family. They should be in front of “manghobasi” lavatory start implementing it. The government only supports, and support from the community are more likely again.  (*)